Saturday, October 27, 2012

The Crooked Ladder

The amazing Crooked Ladder Scoubi-Doggle
The Crooked Ladder

The Crooked Ladder

Just a few months ago, I decided to make a new Scoubi-Doggle. I wanted to make the coolest weaved craft ever! So I thought of some of my favorite styles which include: The Slow-Motion Switch Back, the Super-16, and the Dotted Spiral. I would use these in my next creation.

So I started a 2x6 Super-16, and did a couple of twist layers. At that moment I decided to split the sixteen strings into two separate Thick-8 Scoubi-Doggles. I weaved three Twist layers on each followed by one brick layer. Then I weaved three more twist layers, which made a short switch-back on each Thick-8. Finally I reconnected the two Thick-8 Scoubi-Doggles just like you would reconnect a simple ladder. 

When I finished, I decided on the name "Crooked Ladder" because it flows nice and thats what the actual Scoubi-Doggle looks like. 

The Crooked Ladder is featured on the Scoubi-Doggle home page and is becoming a noticeable icon.

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