Monday, November 26, 2012

Flat-Switch Scoubi-Doggle

The Thin 8 Flat-Switch a spectacular Scoubi-Doggle that you can make!
Thin 8 Flat-Switch


Made from four strands, this very interesting Scoubi-Doggle is incredibly simple to make. You start with the Thin-8 Brick for a few layers and then weave four Thin-8 Twist layers. By repeating this process, you get that peculiar shape that almost looks like you physically twisted the Scoubi-Doggle.

This one was tricky to name. I thought of names like Twist-Curve and Turn-Brick, but the name Flat-Switch stuck. This same style can be applied to larger Scoubi-Doggles like the Super-16, Mega-14, and  10-Way. 

So try it yourself, it's easier than it looks!