Friday, October 19, 2012

The incredible Super-16 Twist Scoubi-Doggle
Super-16 Scoubi-Doggle
Super-16 Twist Scoubi-Doggle

Made with sixteen strands and measuring nearly two inches in width, the Super-16 is the largest Scoubi-Doggle yet. 

This particular craft took me about two hours to complete. Though time consuming, it was worth it. I starred at the basket like structure through 30 weaved layers. It was created to demonstrate the end result of the Super-16 Scoubi-Doggle. The instructions, on how to create this magnificent piece of art, are available at

Creating the Super-16 Scoubi-Doggle is very difficult at first. Keeping the amount of tightness through every layer can be challenging. But near the last five layers you finally get the hang of it. The same method for creating the Super-16 Brick is used in creating the Super-16 Twist, except when making your loops you go diagonal instead of straight across.

Eventually, I will make Scoubi-Doggles with more strands. The next will either be 18 or 20 strands. The key to making large Scoubi-Doggles is to tighten with the same amount of force each layer. The larger the craft the slower the tightening process.

So, give it a try yourself.

Super-16 Instructions
Scoubi-Doggle iPhone app

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